DPPs #28 and #30 {Sketching in the Garden and Everything Alice}

Today has been an arty day, so I’m going to be putting up two posts regarding the two challenges I’m part of: Daisy Yellow’s Daily Paper Prompts and the Every Day Matters Challenge! This post focuses on my DPP responses, and what I plan to do for September’s DPPs.

I finally did my sketching in the garden prompt today as we’ve had good weather all day! After sorting things out around the house and helping my partner with stuff for work, we both headed out into the garden so I could have some company while I sketched outside.


The process was fairly simple. I glued a piece of an envelope into my journal, so that I could have a plain white page to work on. Once I was outside, I then picked my thinnest PITT pen and sketched whatever grabbed my attention – leaves, flowers, stones. This is the first time I’ve sketched in such a long time – I feel bad about that, I should sketch a lot more (which is why I started the EDM Challenge today!)

Today’s DPP was a little different to usual. #30 Creative Reading.

DPP #30 is to read a bit of a book on something creative. Perhaps one chapter. Mixed media art, journaling, sewing, quilting, collage, writing, etc. If you don’t have any books on creative stuff, time to hop over to the library.

So I grabbed my copy of Everything Alice, an awesome arts and crafts book I won last year. I haven’t had a chance to make anything from it yet so I thought this would be the perfect excuse to have a flick through and pick out a quick project. (Which I will update you on once I’ve done it!) As I’m still working in my little journal, I didn’t really want to just leave a blank page – so I did some doodling and journaling in Sakura Glaze pens about the prompt and the book I chose.


I’ve quoted from a Grace Slick song, White Rabbit, and the book and the Disney film. The only thing that is missing are teapots, cups, and a top hat – but I was running out of room…

Finally, I just wanted to show what I was planning for next month. Since my journal didn’t always work for some of the prompts, I had to improvise and glue/stitch things in a lot, I’ve decided to keep my prompts in a pretty box.


I’ve been saving this for something special – it was originally a present box from my best friend Millie, which held the most gorgeous little locket! So it’s been sat on my desk for a couple of months. The day before yesterday, when I was coming up with ideas for my September DPP journal, I decided that what would be even better would be to have a bunch of separate sheets, rather than a bound pad. But I’d need somewhere to store them – hence the beautiful box. So me and my partner sat down last night and cut out a bunch of 12×12 squares, which are now in the box, waiting to be played with!


My only worry now? That they might not quite fit by the end of September… judging from my journal for this month.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. vivjm
    Aug 31, 2012 @ 17:14:35

    Oh, wow! That Alice book looks awesome!
    I too toying with the idea of the EDM Challenge too – printed out the full list yesterday 🙂


    • stitchnmaille
      Aug 31, 2012 @ 17:24:07

      It is amazing 🙂 I highly recommend it – there’s something in it for everyone!
      Go for it! There’s a great community on the Every Day Matters FB page, too, lots of inspiration 🙂


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