EDM #34 {Draw a fall leaf}

I finally started the EDM Challenge today after stating a couple of weeks ago that I would start it. It’s been a bit daunting, to be honest, I haven’t sketched anything for a long time (which I feel a little guilty about). I sat down last night with the leaf I’d found and been wanting to draw, and I glued it into the first page of my EDM sketchbook (a wonderful Reeves canvas-covered A5, with a huge wire binding so I can stick as much as I like in it). Today, after I’d sketched in the garden for my DPP, I felt a little more confident and relaxed into it, so I sat down with my sketchbook and drew several segments of the leaf using a 2B Derwent pencil.

I’m so pleased with this page – I enjoyed the sketching, I love the composition, and I even did a little journaling about the leaf. It’s a fantastic start. I’m definitely going to do another page tomorrow – the first EDM, Draw a shoe (I even have a shoe in mind). I’m also happy that I didn’t start with the first prompt – I wouldn’t want to get stuck doing them in order, I want to pick and choose. The great thing about the challenge list is that it’s so long and varied – I could literally type a word into the search bar on my browser and find a prompt to match! After #1 tomorrow, I might ask my partner to pick one out for me – another way of deciding on a prompt as there are so many to choose from.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. vivjm
    Aug 31, 2012 @ 17:16:58

    Cool sketch! Glad to hear you aren’t going to do them in order…I wondered if it was a bit naughty if one didn’t do them in the right order lol ;-). I suppose the only problem with that could be that there might be a temptation to miss out some of the more challenging ones.


    • stitchnmaille
      Aug 31, 2012 @ 17:21:59

      Thanks! I think quite a few people are doing them randomly 🙂 That’s true… but I’m conquering that by asking my partner to choose a number between 1 and 328, and doing whatever comes up. Today is #1 Draw a Shoe, tomorrow is #312 Draw something very light – which is intriguing.. I need to find a feather or something bright.


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