Watching Sewing Bee this evening has inspired me to get on with making this dress. No pattern, based on a t-shirt I love… should turn out like a tunic dress. I think inexperience halted me (never made a garment without a pattern, and this is only my second garment! I might be mad) – but it’s time to get on with it and see what happens!

Documented Life Project – Weeks One to Four

So I’ve been rubbish and I haven’t been updating my blog as I’ve been going through the first weeks of the Documented Life Project. I was going to do process blog posts, showing the development of each page, but I just haven’t found the time – it’s been a very busy month. However, I decided I would at least put up photos of each week’s page(s) so far. Maybe next month I will have a chance to update my progress more frequently!

While I have used the prompts and challenges from the class, I also have my own theme for this journal for the year – being more creative and doing what I love (art, craft, researching eighteenth-century literature). So each page has something to do with those goals.

Week One

2015-01-10 01.48.22

Week Two

2015-01-18 19.59.08

Week 3 (and the beginnings of week four)

2015-01-25 16.00.22

Week Four

2015-01-31 20.47.04

So far, I’m pleased that each page is a little bit different. I’m using this journal as a place to experiment as well as record my artistic progress. I’m hoping to start demonstrating some of the skills and techniques I will learn from a book I got for Christmas, Gwen Hadley’s Drawn to Stitch. It is such an inspiring book, since delving into it, I have seen opportunities to draw and create everywhere – which is what led to the page in Week Four, I need to remember to take my sketchbook with me wherever I go.

Hexie flower


The hexie flower is now stitched together! Quite pleased with my first attempt at English Paper-Piecing. I think my whip-stitching became neater as I went along. Definitely going to do this more. I found a great idea on Pinterest for using up fabric scraps by turning them into paper-pieced hexies and storing them for later projects/one big project.

My desk this evening…


My first foray into paper piecing – having finished stitching together two sections of a larger quilted work which I can’t be bothered to iron right now! Is it still procrastinating if I do that?

15 Day Drawing Challenge: Day 3


A slightly delayed day three drawing. My favourite thing to wear: my Harry Potter Quidditch pyjamas!

I’ve had a very arty day today! Alongside the sketch above, I have completed the final class of the Derwent Art Academy (see below) so I’ll hopefully get some Derwent Inktense pencils soon, and I’ve also completed my second week of the Documented Life Project (which I will post about later in the week).


Sgraffito kitties - Derwent Academy class 6

15 Day Drawing Challenge. Day 2: an animal.


After numerous attempts at drawing hedgehogs and deers, I got fed up and decided to draw one of my favourite creatures from The Edge Chronicles by Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell, a Banderbear, based on one of Riddell’s illustrations. It’s one of my favourite series of books which I started reading while I was in Secondary School. Drawing this has made me want to read them again!

15 Day Drawing Challenge

15 Day Drawing Challenge. Day 1: Pattern.


I decided to take up a 15 Day Drawing Challenge – Day One: Pattern. A relaxing Zentangle in bed while watching Merlin!

15 Day Drawing Challenge

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